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The Dalmatian coastline is the most appreciated sailing area in Europe, for so many reasons: over 1000 islands close to the coast, some covered in luxurious vegetation, some bearing impressive stone formations, some uninhabited, and some being the best place to be for crazy parties. Nevertheless, all of them have their unique beauty.

Exploring the dalmatian coast is best done by boat. Nothing gives you more flexibility and a closer contact to the sea, you can plan your route as you like, sailing between islands, stop at anchor to enjoy the cristal clear water or dock in a medieval harbour for dinner.

The old ports of the bigger islands are UNESCO monuments, inherited from the venetians, all along the coast. People here live with the thought that it is more important to enjoy a good coffee, a slowly prepared meal, a beautiful landscape, instead of running in a hurry through life. Let’s follow their example in our sailing holiday on the Adriatic Sea.

Sailing the Ionian Sea, the world of Odysseus,

This sailing area can be divided into the northern and southern Ionian Sea. Starting from our base in Lefkas all the destinations of the Ionian Sea can be easily reached.
The 6 large islands are well known: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos. Besides these, many other small islands offer hidden bays with a tavern or two, the most crystalline waters and authentic anchorage sailing nights.