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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions down bellow refer to the registration and participation to vogueyachting.com skipper training sessions within the selected timelines.

In order to have all of the informations related to the conditions of registration and participation to the skipper, we kindly ask you to read carefully all of the following.

In the case of any further questions, please contact us at: +40 (730) 886 480.

Through the completion of the registration form, which you can find on vogueyachting.com, the student subscribes to the skipper training courses, as well as is liable for the truthfulness of the data he or she has provided. A wrong email address or phone number could end in the loss of the registration, as a consequence to the fact that we would not be able to contact the potential student.

How do I enrol online:

How do I enrol online:

The course prices:

All of the prices found on the website are in EUR currency. The available spots to courses as well as events through the vogueyachting.com website are limited and can be booked ahead.

Payment methods:

Payment in cash or in a bank account

The cash payment is done in either RON or EUR, at the set day’s currency.


The return of the course tax could only be done if the attendee will announce his or her withdrawal more than 3 weeks ahead of the starting date.

In the case that the withdrawal is done after the start date of the course, the course tax will not be returned, as the spaces are limited.


In order to offer updated info, vogueyachting.com will make periodic checks and changes within the content of the website. The changes refer to information about the course, descriptions, pictures, prices, and so on. The prices displayed on the website could be possibly changed due to potential changes in the costs of a course. vogueyachting.com is not liable for damages related to the internet connection, in the use, copy or showcasing the content on the website, also denying the liability for any disadvantages that may occur because of some software errors or other technical issues of the server.


vogueyachting.com will never share personal data of the users with tertiary that could use their data. Therefore will only use the data in the purpose that is stated within the contract, as well as with the purpose of informing them of aspect related to the functioning of the website and potential offers that may occur. The society will retail the personal data and use them in order to inform users about potential new events and courses.