Sailing in Greece – Vogue Yachting


The Croatian Coast is considered to be Europe’s sailing paradise. The main reason for this is the abundance of islands – more than 1000 – close to the coast, some unpopulated presenting amazing nature, some with historical fortresses and some the epicentre of parties – all however extremely beautiful.

The easiest way to explore this zone is definitely from a yacht as it offers the greatest flexibility and a higher contact to the freedom offered by the sea. You can plan your route according to your wishes, navigate from one island to another, anchor one night in an hidden golf, surrounded by wilderness or navigate to one of the numerous ports offering incredible historical and tourist attractions. The medieval ports are under UNESCO protection and they are parts of Venetian heritage across all Dalmatia Coast.

Sailing in the world of Odysseus - The Ionian Sea

Ever since ancient times, the Ionian Sea has been known for its prosperity, light winds and great natural protection. Today, every devoted sailor can find here a stunning natural paradise, that can offer everything one could ask for: fascinating landscapes, the absolutely charming waters in turquoise tones, authentic Greek experiences and last but not least, an incredibly welcoming sea.

In order to make it of a clearer understanding, we have split this area into two large sailing zones: The North Ionian and subsequently, the South Ionian. Starting from our mother-port in Lefkas all of the destinations within the Ionian Sea could be easily reached. The 6 largest islands and of course, well known, are as it follows: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Itaca and Zakynthos. However, besides these touristic destinations, there are quite a few hidden gems, including small islands where hidden golfs could be found with one or two restaurants and the clearest waters that could be all spent through authentic sailing experiences, as well as living like a local.