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Heritage and culture - Dalmatia. The Mediterranean as it once was


Whether you want to discover Dalmatia through the distinctive natural beauty of its coastline, islands and interior, or through its cultural attractions and the layers of history that are written in the stones of its streets and squares – each of these paths will lead you to central Dalmatia – the heart of the Adriatic and the heart of the coastline

...The pines are your hats, the thorns, the embroidery on your shoulders’ epaulets,
Jugo and Bora are your sails, the rock your coat, grapes are your buttons,
Beautiful Dalmatia everywhere…

Tomislav Bralic, Dalmacijo Lipa

The Dalmatian coastline is the most appreciated sailing area in Europe, for so many reasons: over 1000 islands close to the coast, some covered in luxurious vegetation, some bearing impressive stone formations, some uninhabited, and some being the best place to be for crazy parties. Nevertheless, all of them have their unique beauty.

The best way to explore this area is by yacht. You are flexible, and always in close connection to the sea: you can plan your own route, cruise along the islands, let the anchor down and bathe in amazing coves, or have dinner in medieval harbours.


The medieval harbours of the islands are UNESCO monuments, parts of the Venetian heritage which can be witnessed all over the Dalmatian coastline. It is the special charakter of its people that makes Dalmatia unique: they appreciate a good coffee, a well prepared meal and a beautiful scenery, rather than the hectic of modern life. In this respect, let’s follow their example and enjoy our sailing holiday on the Adriatic Sea.