Sailing with a skipper. Full relaxation!

A professional skipper will let you choose: if you wish to completely relax, then the skipper will take over the responsibility for the boat and will take care of navigation and docking. If you wish to actively participate to the sailing and navigation activities, the skipper can offer you advice from his experience. The skipper is an extra friend on board, who will help you find the most beautiful places and may even add to the nice atmosphere.

Please choose your skipper from the optional services when booking the yacht.

Oceanis 45

Crew list and permits: please fill in the crew list and send us a copy of your sailing permit and your radio license two weeks prior to the cruise. In case you do not own a skipper license you can ask for a professional skipper.
Transfer: Our company offers transfer services from the airport and back. Please book this service in due time so it can be arranged according to your needs.
Check-in: before stepping on board, please visit our office in the marina. After the necessary documents have been filled in, the skipper and a member of the crew will be trained by one of our team members in using the systems on board. The inventory list of the yacht will be checked and any questions you might have will be answered.
Liability: when booking a yacht you have to pay a deposit. This deposit may be paid in cash to our office or preauthorized by credit card. After the cruise, the guarantee will be returned if the yacht is in the same state as it was on its reception. In case there are damages caused by the crew, the expenses covering those damages will be drawn from the deposit.
Check-out: the yacht must be returned to the marina at the latest on Friday at 5 PM. It is understood that you will have full access to the yacht until Saturday morning 9 AM. On Friday afternoon a technical check will be performed, during which all yacht details will be verified. The expenses covering the lost or damaged parts will be drawn from the deposit.

choose an insurance package

Are you a beginner and don’t feel totally confortable sailing a yacht on your own?
We recommend that you save some stress and money by choosing an insurance pack rather than put money into a warranty account.
This way you can completely relax!

Options Deposit Insurance, against the loss of money in case of damage to the yacht.
Options Insurance for skippers (will protect you and the entire crew upon damages or injuries occuring to other members of the crew)
Options Insurance against confiscation of the yacht and extended damages for further charter contracts of the boat.
Options Insurance for trial and attorney expenses abroad.

Please ask us for the right insurance package for your cruise !


Sailing with children

Sailing with your children could be one of the most beautiful experiences in life. They love the boat and usually adapt much faster to life on sea than adults do. Everything is an adventure and being outdoors makes them happy. The yacht will be prepared – on request – with a special net to prevent children from falling off. Please make sure you make this request prior to the cruise. We will also provide life jackets of proper sizes for your children.

From our experience we learned that children on board were the most trustworthy of sailors once they received a mission they could understand. Use this opprotunity and teach them the basic knowledge of sailing.

The route should be adapted to the childrens’ needs, so that sailing times do not exceed 4 hours, even if this means that you have to stop for lunch. Enjoy the water and your children’s excitement while bathing in the sea!

Please make sure that the children are using sun screen even while bathing!


Other services

Jetski: Yes, you heard us right! You can have your own jet ski to take with you on the cruise! You can use it for yetskiing and wakeboarding while being anchored in coves.
The contract provides for 12 hours of use. If you should use the jet ski for more than that you will benefit from great prices, payment should be done after the cruise.
Skipper: the skipper is just one more friend on board, who can drive the boat at all times, or just help you with difficult maneuvres. It’s your decision!
Hostess: one nice person in charge of food and drinks, but who can also help with docking maneuvres.
WiFi: Internet on board, all week long!
Safety net: for children and pets!
Outboard: the motor for the dingy, allows you to travel fast in ports and coves.
Marine Package: self inflating life jackets and T-shirts for the entire adventurous crew!
Please check this services when booking the sailboat or inform us prior to starting the cruise.